A Conversation with Onari Jackson (Burroughs)

Onari Burroughs.jpg

Hello My name is Onari Jackson and I am the only living Child of Cassandra Pinkney. I am also the mother of a graduating Eagle Student. I am most pleased of the Alumni Association as it was a program my mother had a special place for in her heart. In all her dedication to Eagle Academy she always wondered the impact of the school on the success of not only the student but the family as a whole.

I am most please at the diligence of the program because support is key in all avenues of life. Each student that attended Eagle Academy during my mother’s life got a piece of her. No matter the situation each graduating class will always have a special connection that will allow them to have additional support of an extended family.  

The pure idea of having an Alumni Association was one of the many brilliant ideas my talented, educated and wise mother had that set the bar at a new high. I know that the Alumni Association will not bring the concept of continued support but mostly it will keep my mother’s legacy alive. 

John Campbell