How Congress Heights Helps Parents Choose the Next School

By: Melanie Leonard, Principal PK3 - K
Royston Little, Principal 1 -3
Josephine Mazyck, Family Engagement Coordinator

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Eagle Academy PCS at Congress Heights makes an effort to help all students’ transition smoothly. Our open door policy with the Family Engagement Coordinator gives parents the opportunity to sit and think about what is best for their student and what type of environment their student learns best in. This year, we hosted a 2nd and 3rd grade parent lounge that gave parents the opportunity to voice their concerns about the transition out of Eagle, and to begin to think about what that would look like. While some families have a clear understanding of where they want their children to go based on the expriences of other family members, or friends, there are some who still have a hard time leaving Eagle, or understanding what the process is like. The 2nd and 3rd grade Parent Lounge focused on the upcoming Edfest Educational Fair, and the DC Lottery process. Parents left with handouts to help them identify their student’s learning style, hobbies, and group sizes so that they’d be equipped to ask questions when attending the upcoming Edfest. This was our first year hosting the Parent Lounge, and we hope to continue to do so in the future. The information was also sent home via email to ensure that those who weren’t able to attend still have access to the information. We want to get parents in the habit of thinking about the transition at the second grade level so that they would have access to scholarship opportunities for anyone thinking about going into the private sector. It is also important for parents to have enough time to visit the schools that they wish to enroll their student(s). We encourage families to visit the schools, and sit in on a classroom observation if possible. We have also brought schools in to talk with our families first hand throughout the lottery enrollment process. In the past, we’ve had Democracy Prep, King Elementary, Achievement Prep, and Malcolm X representatives come directly to our families to give them information. We understand that transition can be difficult and we want to ensure that we do all we can to make the transition out of Eagle as seamless as possible.  

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