A Conversation with Onari Jackson (Burroughs)

Onair Jackson is the only living child of Cassandra S. Pinkney, founder of Eagle Academy Public Charter School who passed away in September 2016.  Onari is also the parent of a graduating 3rd grader. Check out her thoughts on Eagle's new Alumni Association and more.

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John Campbell
"The Future Is Not What It Used To Be"

We can no longer rely on the assumption that the academic, social, and financial future of our children will resemble the past. There will always be a need for basic academic skills such as reading, comprehension, mathematics, science and language arts. We expect that every child will learn these skills. The standardized test score results of Eagle students are proof that we accomplish these goals in the here and now. However, we also have to prepare our students for what is to come which is very different from what has been. 

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Madison Case