Alumni Spotlight: Saddique Stephens

Saddique Stephens is a young man who started his educational journey at Eagle Academy Public Charter School in 2006. His very first teachers were Mr. White (Coach White) and Ms. Boyd. Both teachers gave him a strong academic foundation. While attending Eagle Academy PCS his teachers, in later years, included Ms. Sheffield, Ms. Dove, Ms. Charnita and Mrs. Tucker, each of whom he still keeps in contact and are like family.

Saddique’s academic foundation at Eagle has allowed him to maintain excellent grades and taught him how to find a balance between education and the extracurricular activities he loves. His extra-curricular activities include baseball and the United States Navy Sea Cadets Corp (USNSCC). 

Saddique Stephens was promoted from 3rd grade at Eagle Academy in 2010.

Saddique Stephens was promoted from 3rd grade at Eagle Academy in 2010.

In June of 2012, founder and CEO of Eagle Academy, Mrs. Cassandra Pinkney, invited Saddique to be the guest speaker at an Eagle graduation. She wanted the current graduates to see a former student who once sat where they were now sitting. Mrs. Pinkney affectionately called Eagle students her “Eaglets.” She ALWAYS showed love to her “Eaglets.” Saddique spoke on how the teachers and administrators at Eagle prepared him for life's challenges and not being afraid to take risks.

Saddique not only has acquired a strong foundation of academic and social skills but he has maintained the honor roll throughout school, Saddique has taken honors classes and recently received a recommendation from his current science teacher to take part in the learning adventure of traveling to Peru with fellow future scientists from DeMatha Catholic High School. Near the end of Saddiques sophomore year he will spend 14 days learning and helping a small local population of Peru.

Saddique continues to have a passion for baseball which began at Eagle. Those who know Saddique also know his passion for baseball. His baseball passion landed him a position as a catcher for the freshman team of DeMantha in 2018. Saddique recently qualified for the Jr. Home Run Derby Regional Qualifiers. Additionally, he has made the Commissioner's Cup team for Major League Basebaball’s (MLB) Washington Nationals for All-Star week (Washington, DC). These teams are supported around the country by the MLB, including Puerto Rico, for youth ages 14-18.  Saddique continues to work hard and challenge himself - a quality that was instilled in him early on by his mother and Mrs. Cassandra S. Pinkney, Founder and CEO of Eagle Academy.

Saddique later expressed an interest in the military. His military interests lead him to become an active member of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Core (USNSCC), a congressionally chartered US Navy-based organization that teaches individuals about seagoing military service. His interest in the USNSCC peaked at the age of ten. Saddique has learned to become more independent while participating in the USNSCC.  He continues to set new goals, and to step outside of his comfort zone. 

The USNSCC has given him the opportunity to make friends from all over the country while simultaneously attending a summer program in aviation, land navigation, and leadership training. The summer program has allowed him to reconnect with one of his early Eagle buddies who moved to California and who was living near his training sites. The Eagle family takes pride in connecting and supporting one another which is why Mrs. Pinkney founded the Eagle Alumnae Program.

Saddique's early learning foundation at Eagle Academy Public Charter School has taught him confidence. 

Per Saddique’s mom, Shannon Settles, he has practices the Eagle mantra which states that “flying amongst the Eagles” has given him a great overview of life at an early age. She goes on to say that Saddique has learned that failure can lead to success as long as you never loses sight of the sky! Eagles sore high!”

John Campbell