An Effective African American Male Teacher

By: Mr. Anthony Hagler
3rd Grade Teacher

My name is Mr. Anthony Hagler and I am an effective black male teacher in the early childhood classroom. I was raised in a suburban area of North Carolina. I am passionate about being a role model for young black males in their early childhood years. I often hear the statement “we need more black male teachers.”  I agree. There is a significant need for more black male educators in early childhood and elementary schools. As a veteran black male educator, I frequently overhear many of my female colleagues speak about the need for more male teachers in the building. According to recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics, “America’s teachers are disproportionally female (75 percent) and white (83 percent). Black men make up less than 2 percent of teachers? Even though minority children now make up a majority of students in public schools.”

Our students need to be exposed to more black male educators especially during their tenure in early childhood classrooms. My personal philosophy as a black male educator is to be more of a role model for young black “scholars.” Black inner city early learner “scholars” are very impressionable and most are in need of attention, support, and someone to build their self-esteem. I have the zeal to connect and reach them. That is why I look forward to meeting my third grade early learning “scholars” every morning at 8:30 am.  My teaching practice/style is to maximize the time with them with awe and wonderment lessons that will empower them to find joy in learning.  It is no secret that our “scholars” are from diverse environments and cultures. Many of whom face adversities at home, however, home does not negate what happens in the classroom nor control an effective learning environment. My teaching practice is to provide an engaging and effective learning environment that will inspire “scholars” to think beyond adverse circumstances. Once they learn to think beyond adverse circumstances I provide captivating lessons that inspire, empower and a sense of curiosity for learning.

This year, 2018, will be my eighth year as an early learning teacher at Eagle Academy. Although there have been some challenges the rewards are greater. One of the most powerful rewards is when an alumni student returns to say thank you.

John Campbell