Alumni Spotlight: Angel Johnson

Angel Johnson.png

Angel Johnson attended Eagle Academy from July 2003-June 2005. She participated in the first Kindergarten graduating class. Angel graduated high school on May 30, 2017 and is now in her freshman year at West Virginia University. Angel will pursue a Bachelors degree in sociology.

Her achievements are as follows:

·      Graduate of Barbizon Modeling School

·      Honor classes throughout high school

·      President of Good Times

·      National Honors Society

·      Sum Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA

·      One of 20 young ladies in Ladies of the Choraliers in High School.

According to her father, John Johnson, former Director of Facilities for Eagle Academy, “Angel has accomplished so much throughout her time in school. I credit this to her educational foundation under the, then, principalship at Eagle Academy. Mrs. Pinkney encouraged parents to read with our children 30 minutes every day and to be actively engaged in their education. Mrs. Pinkney taught us, as parents, how to show compassion and love toward our children. Angel lives by the fruit of her teachings today. I know, without a doubt, if it weren’t for Mrs. Pinkey’s vision of training children through education, Angel would not be who she is today.”

John Campbell